Pet International Health Checks

We provide International Health Certificate exams. Exams must be scheduled no less than 10 days prior to travel.

Before scheduling an appointment, you must follow the steps below to ensure smooth and safe travel for you and your pet:

Call the airline

Airlines may have specific paperwork or requirements needed for travel.

Call the USDA veterinarian

The USDA veterinarian for your state or area is a great source for information regarding importation of pets into another country. They’ll be able to help you with your questions and the steps you need to take to bring your pet into another country. You may visit the USDA website.

Call the Consulate, Government Official, or Embassy of the destination country

There are some countries that require special permits or paperwork to import your pet into their country. You’ll want to follow all the country’s guidelines to ensure your pet passes through customs. Failure to do so can result in your pet being quarantined or turned away from entry.

Check your microchip registration
Make sure your pet’s microchip registration is up-to-date and is international travel-friendly. Microchips placed several years ago may not be compatible with the international ISO standards. Call your microchip’s registrar to ensure all contact information is current and that your microchip number is international travel compatible.
Schedule all necessary appointments
Countries may require your paperwork to be inspected and signed by the USDA veterinarian of your state or area. They may also require the signatures of consulates or other government officials. Be sure to have all appointments scheduled prior to travel. Some USDA offices will allow you to FedEx paperwork overnight to be inspected and signed; make sure you leave adequate time for return of this paperwork to you prior to travel.
Bring all your pet’s travel paperwork and documents to your Rocky Gorge appointment

It’s required that the client bring all appropriate paperwork and documents to their International Health Certificate examination appointment. Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital will not be responsible for missing or inaccurate paperwork provided by the client.