Rocky Gorge Prescription Home Delivery Service

By Dr. Steven Wolchinsky, Managing Veterinarian

“Evolve or Perish” has been one of our mantras at Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital for the past 33 years and this pandemic only accentuates the importance of that statement for Rocky Gorge and the veterinary industry as a whole. Through this entire pandemic we have taken care of your pet’s medical needs while at the same time doing everything we can to keep our staff and you safe. We quickly changed most of our protocols and it proved that our mantra is more than just words. First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude to all of our staff for how hard they have worked and acknowledge that without hesitation they have put themselves at risk to ensure your pet’s health.  

Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital has added two services during the pandemic that have proven to be valuable and that we are going to continue to offer post corona. One is telemedicine and the other is our home delivery service for medications and prescription diets. This blog will be focusing on our home delivery service offering.  

The home delivery service was implemented to help our clients that didn’t feel safe leaving their house during the pandemic and for convenience once everyone gets back to work. This service will be offered for all prescription medications and prescription diets (except controlled substances and refrigerated mediations). Prescriptions and diets will be delivered next day for any order filled by 4 PM Monday through Thursday. Orders filled Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be delivered on Monday. The fee will be $5 per delivery which will include all items. The delivery radius will begin within a 10-mile radius of the hospital. Upon delivery a text will be sent to you confirming drop off to your house with a picture. Our Pharmacy will offer the delivery option along with pickup and mailing options. The delivery option is a quicker and more reliable option to mailing.

Please stay safe and we are looking forward to seeing you in person very soon. 

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