Pet Allergies Are In Full Bloom

By Dr. Karen Farnan, Managing Veterinarian

Seasonal allergies can affect our furry friends just as much as humans, so it’s important to recognize the symptoms. From scratching and chewing to licking all day and night, pets suffer from a variety of symptoms and their human family suffers right along with them!

Most canine allergies are manifested as skin and ear problems rather than respiratory symptoms. We see pink skin, red skin, secondary bacterial and yeast infections, inflamed ears with excessive earwax being produced and infections there too. Feet, ears, bellies, and armpits are some of the more common areas of the body affected, but anywhere (or everywhere!) is possible. Many other things can cause similar symptoms, such as scabies, endocrine disorders, flea allergy, primary bacterial dermatitis, food allergy, etc. Many treatments are available, including some newer ones that show great results for many patients without the side effects we used to see with older medications.

Cats can also be affected with pollen allergies, their symptoms can involve the skin and ears or the respiratory system: sneezing, wheezing, coughing, difficulty breathing (asthma). Other possible causes of those signs are viral respiratory infections, heart disease, pneumonia, fluid around the lungs, etc. Many of these are very serious, so it’s important to bring your kitty to see us so they can get the care they need.

So if your dog or cat is experiencing any allergy problems, please make an appointment with us at Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital, and enjoy the season!

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