Pass On The Puppy!

By Dr. Meegan Weiler, Veterinarian

So, you are thinking about getting a puppy? So cute, so cuddly, such vessels of destruction and chaos! Puppies are tons of work. Maybe that calm, older dog could be a better choice. In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet month I would like to share 5 reasons why adopting an older dog is an excellent idea and may save both your sanity and your rugs (and your shoes, and your blinds, and your…. well, you get the idea).

  1. Older dogs at shelters need homes just as desperately as younger dogs. Actually, even more so as older dogs tend to be the first to be euthanized. You would likely literally be saving a life.
  2. Do not assume older dogs at the shelter are “problem dogs.” Most of the time they are surrendered for reasons that have nothing to do with their temperament or behavior (i.e. moving, new baby, new job hours, etc…).
  3. Older dogs usually come at least partially trained and can be left alone for longer periods of time. As aging dogs have a longer attention span they tend to be easier to train. You can teach an old dog new tricks!
  4. No shark like teeth!! Older dogs already have their adult teeth which means less chewing and biting.
  5. What you see is what you get. Adult dogs have an established temperament, so this helps you know how they will fit in with your household. And, no surprises like when that advertised “small lab mix” grows into more of a Great Dane mix.

Check out Grey Muzzle, Senior Dog Sanctuary of MD, and House with a Heart Senior Dog Sanctuary or just let your local animal shelter know you are willing to adopt older pets. You won’t regret saving a life that will be forever devoted to you!

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