Keep Your Pets Entertained Inside This Winter

By Dr. Robyn Johnson, Veterinarian

Winter is upon us and cold wet weather is here! This does not always allow for our furry friends to get outside exercise, but there are still plenty of things you can do indoors to keep pets healthy, entertained and out of trouble.

Cats can enjoy a number of indoor activities. For some cats a simple balled piece of paper in a bathtub can provide hours of entertainment.  There are several indoor activity pieces that are quite reasonable in price. Appropriate scratching posts with additional toys like balls on tracks help keep Kitty’s pouncing skills sharp.

Dogs can also enjoy numerous indoor activities. A quick game of find the treats helps keep Fido’s nose sharp and they search for yummy goodness.Simple games of tug of war can be used to keep your dog entertained. Even the old fashioned Shell game can keep your dog guessing.  Kong toys stuffed with treats can help burn off nervous energy. 

So despite the frightful weather, you can keep your furry best friend entertained. Not only does it burn off energy but you get to have quality fun time with your best friend. Please talk with your veterinarian about best treat options and get to playing and enjoy this winter.

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