Why Wellness Plans?

By Asha Gamble, Client Relations & Wellness Plan Manager

Routine preventative care for a pet is an important aspect of pet parenting. And as we know, it’s very difficult for pet parents to navigate through different types of products, the appropriate care, and its associated costs. To simplify the worry and hopefully eliminate the headaches associated with being a good pet parent, enrolling a pet in a wellness plan is the best thing to do.

Wellness plans are preventative care plans that help promote a proactive approach to managing and budgeting a pet’s health. With a wellness plan on board, you no longer have to worry about which vaccinations you can afford after speaking to your pet’s Veterinarian. Rocky Gorge’s Wellness Plans include all vaccinations typically recommended by our Veterinarians making it easier for vou to say yes to a superb treatment plan.

Regularly getting pets examined or doing blood work can help veterinarians spot potential problems before they become emergencies and/or undesirable outcomes. Because wellness plans allow you to spread out the cost of routine exams, vaccinations and other services offered over time. This helps to reduce the risk or prolonged untreated conditions. With a wellness plan, pet parents are more likely to say yes to a treatment plan they may not have been able to afford without it.

And I know you’re thinking… “Wellness plans only help with vaccinations, regular office visits and routine dental cleanings, not emergencies!” Rocky Gorge’s Wellness Plans do all of the above and then some. Our wellness plans offer reduced copays for emergency visits, additional discounts and credits that can be used towards bloodwork, hospitalization or an emergency surgery.

Wellness plans make it so much easier for pet parents to be good pet parents. This means less headaches, more saving and a healthier pet. This is why you should give us a call and enroll your pet in a wellness plan today!

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