Warm Weather Activities For Pets

By Dr. Meegan Weiler,  Associate Veterinarian

Before summer comes to a close I wanted to offer a few fun warm weather activities to do with your pet. Caveat for all activities: make sure the weather is not too hot, that they stay hydrated and that the activities are not too strenuous.

  1. Organize a kids read to dogs event. Grab some kids (that you know obviously), books, some blankets and a shady spot. To keep your pet entertained, since they likely will not care about the story, freeze one of their toys in ice and they will stay hydrated as well as baffled as to how to get the toy out.
  2. A hike is always fun especially if along a creek. This one could even be for our cat friends as well if they tolerate a backpack ride or a harness and leash.
  3. Find a drive in movie theater and enjoy a show with your furry buddy.
  4. SUP with your PUP (not an activity generally acceptable for our feline companions and besides, SUP does not rhyme with cat).
  5. Throw a BBQ party.  Set a theme and make some fun pet treats (also not generally an activity cats would enjoy).
Finally, pets just enjoy our attention and most of us are so busy we have limited time for them. So, grab a cold drink and bowl full of water and just sit outside and hang with your best friend.

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