Watch Out This Valentine's Day

By Dr. Rachel Duncan, Veterinarian

Share the love this Valentine’s Day, but use caution to keep your furry friends safe. Chocolate, flowers and other gifts have the potential to harm your pets. Here are some tips to avoid spending the night at the emergency room instead of at home!


Chemicals contained in chocolate are toxic to dogs and cats. The more cocoa present in the chocolate, the more toxic chemicals. Baker’s and dark chocolates are especially dangerous. Signs of chocolate toxicosis include vomiting, tremoring, fast heart rate, seizures and potential death. Please call or have your pet evaluated if you suspect or know your pet ingested chocolate. Early decontamination and supportive care offer the best prognosis.


A beautiful bouquet of flowers tops the list of wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts. Most flowers are safe to display in the home with dogs and cats. However, any flowers from the Lily family (true lilies including Easter lilies and tiger lilies) are extremely toxic to cats. Ingesting any part of the plant, even in very small amounts, has the potential to cause renal failure. Other plants including tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are toxic when the bulb of the plant is ingested. Numerous other plants contain chemicals in the leaves that can cause hypersalivation or vomiting when ingested. It is best to keep flowers and plants away from any pet that may nibble.


Enjoying a drink with loved ones is another great way to celebrate the holiday, but be sure your pets don’t ingest any. Alcohol should never be given to dogs and cats, and accidental exposure can be deadly. Be sure to prevent any alcohol ingestion this Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy time with all your loved ones this Valentine’s Day! And remember, Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital is open 24/7/365 in case of emergencies.

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