Trouble with Urination in Male Cats

By Dr. Mina Young,  Associate Veterinarian

It’s hard to measure what’s an emergency and what’s not sometimes. 

If your cat (especially male) is having trouble with his urination whether straining, in/out of the litter box, vocalizing when trying to urinate, urinating with blood etc., he should always be evaluated by a veterinarian. 

Here are a few possible reasons your cat may have trouble urinating: 

  1. Blockage (urinary tract is blocked and can’t urinate) 
  2. Crystals in urine 
  3. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  4. Tumor in the urinary tract 
  5. Bladder stones 
  6. FLUTD (bladder inflammation related to unknown cause – stress, dehydration etc.)
  7. And more!

You want to make sure he is not blocked at the very minimum. Once he is determined to be not blocked, vet staff can further evaluate what’s going on. 

If your cat is blocked, he will most likely need to be hospitalized to relieve blockage as soon as possible. Blockage is a life threatening condition and he will need immediate treatment.

Please call your vet’s office whenever you are not sure if your cat has urinated today and he is having trouble with the litter box. 

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