Prevention: The Key to a Long and Happy Life for your Pet

By Dr. Steven Wolchinsky, Managing Veterinarian

At Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital we believe that preventative medicine is the best way to ensure that your pets have a long and happy life.

You would think preventative Wellness Plans that offer better care for your pets at lower prices would be a simple choice for pet owners, but these plans are far from simple to explain due to the limited time during an office visit. In addition, they are difficult to manage with the current software and technology available in Veterinary Medicine. Its a shame because most preventative plans offer great value and truly promote better pet care.

These plans prevent disease through early monitoring with regular yearly exams along with laboratory tests and preventive measures such as vaccinations and heart-worm, flea and tick prevention. The beauty of these plans is they offer year long complete preventative care with affordable monthly payments.

The best plans, in my opinion, not only offer value in the plans, but also offer discounts on other services and products outside what´s included in the plan. Some hospitals, like ours, will include unlimited daytime office visits and even ER visits with a small co-pay so costs won´t stop you from bringing in your pet if you have any concerns.

The bottom line is preventative medicine does save lives and prevents disease. Now is the best time to start taking preventative measures, so make an appointment for your furry friend today and ask your Veterinarian about our Wellness Plans.

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