The Chronicles of Wilson – Toddler Pup

By Dr. Marisa Pasekoff, Managing Veterinarian

So, Wilson is now 9 months old and he’s the stereotypical Golden Retriever puppy.

He craves attention.

Whenever we come home, or even just enter the room, he finds the nearest bone or toy and immediately brings it to us. Not for us to throw for him, no, he just wants to show it to us. He craves attention 24/7, always laying on our feet. If we walk away for a few minutes, he gets up and repositions himself on our feet in the new location. Sometimes he even wiggles his head between our legs and plops down there.

He can’t get enough food.

During dinner, he uses his nose to push my arm up so that I will pet him. More than one time he has made me almost spill my food. It would be nice to think that he was just extra smart and this was his way of getting my food, but no, that would probably be giving him too much credit. However, he does LOVE food. Unfortunately, he loves the other two dogs’ food as well. They’re less than pleased about this, especially since they are grazers.

He’s fascinated with ice.

Almost as much as food, Wilson loves to eat ice. His latest trick he has learned – crying to go outside only to eat the ice. And with all of the ice storms we have been having, you can imagine how much fun this has been. Unfortunately, with all of the ice eating, he needs to urinate more, so we never know if he truly needs to go out or if he is just looking for his afternoon snack. Now many of you probably are thinking what I have in the past – don’t take him again and make him learn to hold it in. While I firmly agree that they need to learn this, Wilson also has the awesome trait of being an excited pee-er. And of course, since he is a boy, he doesn’t just go in a puddle. No, he likes to make trails. It makes clean up so much more fun. Thankfully he has started to improve on that some.

He loves his siblings.

Wilson has two siblings, Zero and Emerson. There is no clear-cut alpha among the three of them. I have seen them steal toys from each other, sometimes from their mouths! And of course, just like toddlers, I could have 3 of the same exact toys but they only want what the other one has.

Above: Emerson, Wilson and Zero falling asleep on their beds.

I know sometimes clients want to know what veterinarians give their own dogs. My dogs currently eat ProPlan sensitive stomach/skin formula. For toys, we do not give anything fabric or rope – that would be a recipe for surgery in my house. Instead we use mostly Kongs and Nylabones (Power Chew Flavored Textured Dog Chew for Aggressive Chewers and Power Chew XL Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers). Wilson also loves his orange ring (ABTOR Ultra Durable Dog Chew Toy). But his all-time favorite item in the whole world is his Chuckit! Ultra-Ball XL.

As exhausting as all of the puppyhood has been, he has definitely weaseled his way into our hearts.

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