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Pet Watch Outs for Springtime

Springtime Pet Watch Outs By Dr. Katie Falk,  Associate Veterinarian With springtime comes increased time spent outside. As we, and our pets, spend more time outdoors, we are exposed to numerous potential risks, including insect stings, allergies, as well as getting into trash, food, and toxins. Bites or stings from…
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Turkey Day Dangers for our Furry Friends

Turkey Day Dangers for our Furry Friends By Dr. Karen Farnan, Managing Veterinarian As you begin making your Thanksgiving plans and preparations, please remember to keep your furry family members’ safety in mind. Dangers such as pancreatitis, bloat, and toxins are significant risks for your pets during the holidays, so remember;…
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Halloween Hazards For Your Pet

Halloween Hazards For Your Pet By Dr. Tracy Appelbaum, Managing Veterinarian Halloween is a time for fun and games for most families, but it can be downright spooky for our pets. Skip the nightmares by following these simple precautions to keep your pet happy and healthy this Halloween.  Make sure you…
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