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7 Springtime Pet Tips

7 Springtime Pet Tips By Dr. Tracy Appelbaum, Medical Director & Partner Spring is almost here and everyone is excited to experience some much-needed outdoor time, our pets included. Long walks, dog park sessions and naps on the sunny window sill are on everyone’s minds! Here are just a few tips…
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Pet Summer Watch Outs

Pet Summer Watch Outs By Dr. Mina Young, Veterinarian Here are three main issues pet parents should be on the look out for this summer. Heat strokes It’s fun to go hiking, running, or just be outside for a long period of time in the summer. However, your pets are…
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Heartworm Disease In Pets

Heartworm Disease In Pets By Dr. Lindsay Lane, Managing Veterinarian Guess what? April is Heartworm Disease Awareness month!! And I apologize for starting off with a super nasty picture, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words and I am hoping that this picture will make your heartworm…
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Heartworms, A Pet’s Worst Friend

Heartworms, A Pet’s Worst Friend By Dr. Steven Wolchinsky, Managing Veterinarian April is Heartworm Awareness Month, so what better time to learn about the dangers and prevention techniques to keep your furry friends safe. Here are 5 things you need to know about heartworms: 1. Heartworms are a life-threatening parasite transmitted…
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Pets vs. Pests: The Game is On

Pets vs. Pests: The Game is On By Dr. Steven Wolchinsky, Managing Veterinarian The basketball season is at its peak, where the nations greatest are competing for the top spot. But did you know there’s an even bigger competition happening right in your home? That’s right, it’s the start of flea…
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