Pet Flea & Tick Prevention

By Dr. Meegan Weiler, Veterinarian

Flea and tick prevention. Not a super exciting topic unless you get fleas in your house or your pet gets Lyme disease, then it becomes a very critical discussion.

Keep in mind if your pet gets fleas only 5% of the problem is on your dog or cat and 95% is in your carpet bedding, slats of a wooden floor, everywhere. Gross, right? And very difficult to get rid of. It usually takes up to three months of intense treatments to get rid of all the fleas. We’ve had owners consider throwing away a brand new couch because of a flea infestation! Fleas also carry disease that can be spread to your pet and even you. Owners will occasionally say, “but my cat/dog rarely/never goes outside.” But inevitably you likely do go outside and you can bring flea larva in on your shoes and clothes.

Ticks are just as disgusting and also carry many diseases. The ticks that cause Lyme disease are the size of a sesame seed. The chances you’ll see that tick and get it off before has a chance to spread disease is pretty slim.

There are many options for prevention: collars, chewable, and topical. So have a discussion with your veterinarian which is right for you and your pet and then you can relax knowing nothing is crawling on and biting you or your pet.

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