Importance Of Bringing Your Pet In For Annual Exams

By Dr. Robyn Johnson,  Veterinarian

The once a year annual exam is the most important part of the visit. Not only do we get to see your smiling faces and get warm puppy kisses and kitten head bumps, but it allows the veterinarian to pick up on any minor issues before they become major ones. It is the basis of maintaining good health for your beloved pet.

The visit begins with a brief recap of any concerns that have happened since we last saw your pet and any new issues that may have started. It then proceeds to an ear to tail exam. This will allow the veterinarian to put hands on the pet to feel for any lumps, bumps or changes in body. It is this exam that the veterinarian can pick up on infections of the ear or dental diseease. We can find changes in weight or how well your pet is using their legs. Bloodwork may also be done at this appointment to help check heartworm status and also make sure the organs are functioning well. Lastly, we can update any vaccines needed.

This annual exam allows for you to bring up any concerns you have for your pet. This is crucial as you are the one who sees your pet on a daily basis and may times the things you see at home they will not do in the office for the veterinarian to see. Videos and pictures of concerns are also very helpful for your veterinarian to help get to the root of the issues. The annual exam gives you and your veterinarian a time to make sure that your pet is healthy. It allows for small issues to be addressed early. For bigger issues it allows for treatment plans to be made. This annual event is of utmost importance

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