Holiday Pet Gift Ideas

By Dr. Janet Weistock, Veterinarian

As the holidays are approaching and you’re making your list and checking it twice, don’t forget about your furry family members! There are many different gift ideas at all different price ranges, so here are some ideas!

For your pups:


  1. Does your dog like to play fetch at all hours of the day? How about a glow in the dark or LED light up ball making it easer for the pet to find the ball, and you as well!
  2. Or if your dog outplays you and wants to play ball for hours, how about an interactive iFetch that launches tennis balls if you’ve run out of steam, or even when you aren’t home and want your pet to be active.
  3. Another good gift is a light up collar or leash which can be fun and fashionable, and also make you both more visible for safety during nightly walks.
  4. If you have a rescue and have always played the guessing game of what breed they might be, why not give the gift of finding out with a DNA test.
  5. Check in on your pet while you’re out of the house by gifting a web camera. They even offer a treat dispensing camera that lets you see your pet, talk to them and dispense treats!
  6. Does your pet suffer from anxiety? Why not get them some calming pheromones (Adaptil diffusers or collars) or even an anxiety or calming shirt. It’s like a giant tight hug for them!
  7. If your dog is a fast eater, how about investing in an interactive bowl that has separate compartments that the dog has to tap with their nose or paws in order to get the food. This occupies them and makes them slow down their eating.
  8. There are also interactive puzzle treat dispensers making your pet move pieces to retrieve the treats or even an everlasting treat ball.  This can keep them calmer and gives them something to divert that extra energy. Engaging their mind is just as important as their physical activity.
  9. If you’re on more of a budget, how about a DIY outfit. You can easily make your own shirt/hat for your smaller canine friend using old socks

10. You can also DIY puppy treats. One idea is some low sodium beef or chicken broth in an ice cube tray. Stand a dog bone in the center and freeze.

For the kitties:

  1. This can be as simple as the boxes from all of your online ordering. These make a cheap and easy toy for them, and it’s a way of recycling as well.
  2. You may want to invest in new scratching posts for them, or a new cat tree that gives them a nice look out a window. You can do this on a budget as well by taking some cardboard and making your own, then sprinkle catnip on it to draw them to it and let the fun begin.
  3. If you have limited space and don’t have room for a scratching post or tower, how about a window seat that can be hooked right off the window or window ledge, giving them a view of the outdoors but keeping them in the safety of home.
  4. Getting your kitty some high-quality catnip can bring them and you some joy. And that new scratching post can be a great place to sprinkle it!
  5. Laser pointers can be entertaining to you, your pet and even your guests. It’s also a great way to get your cat (and even dogs too!) moving more indoors, especially if they’ve put on some winter weight!
  6. Your kitties may also like a mobile (just like for babies) as it provides them with great entertainment of watching or even batting, and you will be entertained too!
  7. If your cat likes running water but you don’t want them on the counters or at the sink all the time, how about a running water fountain. This also draws their attention and they’re more likely to drink more water.
  8. If you want to tie two gifts in one, how about a Turbo scratcher which has a center scratching area with an outer ball in a ring they can chase around. 


The gift of good health is most important of all. Here are some ways you can ensure your pet has a happy and healthy holiday season:

  1. Schedule their annual wellness exam, make sure they are up to date with their vaccines, or even get that dental cleaning scheduled!
  2. If your pooch or cat is outdoor and prone to wandering off, why not get them microchipped. In addition to the microchip (which is excellent because it can’t fall off your pet) is a GPS tracker that attaches to their collar, making it easier for you to locate them with an app on your smartphone.
  3. A new brush can be a great more economical gift. Just be sure to carve out time to use it.  Brushing your dog or cat can be therapeutic for you both, they are getting a massage, you’re keeping their skin and coat healthy – and all that hair you collect with the brush is less you will have to sweep or vacuum later!

We hope this gives you some new ideas to include your furry friends on your gift list. If you have some other ideas feel free to share them with us!

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