Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Furry Friend

By Dr. Jessica Wooleyhand,  Associate Veterinarian

Looking for some great gift ideas for your furry friend? Try some of these items:

  1. Subscription Box – BarkBox has boxes for regular dogs and those who are super chewers. The Kong company also has a subscription box with durable toys. As with all toys ensure your pet does not break off pieces or eats any of the fabric. There are many new subscription services for pets, read some of the reviews to find out which is the best fit for your pet!
  2. Advent Calendars – Lots of stores now sell advent calendars for both cats and dogs; where each day contains a special treat
  3. Toys – Try upgrading some of the old toys or scratching posts with something new and fresh! A lot of pet stores have sales during the holiday season
  4. Special treats – While it is tempting to buy those holiday rawhides, they can be hard for dogs to digest or cause irritation to the stomach. Instead, try purchasing some treats or baking your own using a pet-safe recipe. But remember to give treats in moderation, we don’t want to see your pet gain weight!
  5. Quality Time – Finally the most simple gift is to find time to spend with your pet. Most pets are social creatures, now that the pandemic is easing and people are returning to work, they may start to experience some separation anxiety. The best present for them is just spending time with you! Take them with you when you go play outside in the snow or include them in your holiday photos (possibly in a sweater or bandana).  

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