Chiropractic Healing, Its not all Quackery!

By Dr. Sally Morris, Veterinarian

I am an equestrian lover and all around horse fanatic, so in January 1997, when one of my horses was laminitic (foundered) – meaning her feet were swollen inside the hooves and she was in a lot of pain – I was desperate to find a cure. When conventional treatments didn’t work, I found out about a holistic veterinarian, Dr. Joyce Harman, who did homeopathy, acupuncture, and chiropractic. She started making regular visits to my farm and taught me so much about these alternative modalities.

I was so interested in this type of treatment; I took a chiropractic course in Illinois. Now realize that I thought I always thought that chiropractic was quackery! What an eye opener! Nerves go both ways; tiny subluxations can cause big problems, and its often easy to fix! I have been adjusting dogs, cats, and horses since then, and how amazing the results have been.

Most memorable was my first case. This beagle had been to a neurologist, had x-rays and an MRI with no diagnosis. He had been walking on only 3 legs for 3 months. Well, his sciatic nerve was pinched (we all have heard of Sciatica, right). I adjusted him and he walked out on all fours!

In general, chiropractic can be used for many purposes. I do a lot of sport dogs; ones that do obedience, agility, and flyball. I adjust many geriatric patients, dogs and cats, and some are just stiff, some have trouble jumping or laying down. Sometimes it helps with urinary issues or fecal incontinence too. I wish I could say I help them all, but sometimes it requires chiropractic and medications.

If you believe your pet could benefit from chiropractic, don’t hesitate to make an appointment at Rocky Gorge. I will say I am amazed every time because I use to think it was all quackery… until I had my eyes opened!

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