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Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise? By Katie Falk, Associate Veterinarian There are many reasons to prioritize your dog getting enough exercise, including weight management, anxiety, and preventing health issues, such as arthritis. While arthritis is extremely common, it is a bit more complicated than it seems. Arthritis is primarily…
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Vaccine 101 for Pets

Vaccine 101 for Pets By Marisa Pasekoff, Managing Veterinarian & Partner Vaccines. A word we have become all too familiar with, if we weren’t already. Administering them and their frequency has become a touchy subject and the root of many conversations. My goal in this blog is to inform and…
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Whv Wellness Plans?

Why Wellness Plans? By Asha Gamble, Client Relations & Wellness Plan Manager Routine preventative care for a pet is an important aspect of pet parenting. And as we know, it’s very difficult for pet parents to navigate through different types of products, the appropriate care, and its associated costs. To…
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Trouble with Urination in Male Cats

Trouble with Urination in Male Cats By Dr. Mina Young,  Associate Veterinarian It’s hard to measure what’s an emergency and what’s not sometimes.  If your cat (especially male) is having trouble with his urination whether straining, in/out of the litter box, vocalizing when trying to urinate, urinating with blood etc.,…
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