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Author: The Veterinary Team


Pet Allergy Awareness

Pet Allergy Awareness By Dr. Aubrie Smith,  Associate Veterinarian Did you know itchy feet or recurrent ear infections in your pet could be a sign of allergies? Unlike humans, pets rarely manifest allergies as runny eyes and sneezing. Just like us, pets can be allergic to ingredients in their food…
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Pet Watch Outs for Springtime

Springtime Pet Watch Outs By Dr. Katie Falk,  Associate Veterinarian With springtime comes increased time spent outside. As we, and our pets, spend more time outdoors, we are exposed to numerous potential risks, including insect stings, allergies, as well as getting into trash, food, and toxins. Bites or stings from…
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Laser Therapy Services for Pets

Laser Therapy Services For Pets By Nikki Wines, RVT Cold laser therapy is a service provided by Rocky Gorge, and is utilized in many different ways to benefit your pet. Some include muscle regeneration, wound healing, joint healing, and the control of acute and chronic pain. It is frequently used…
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Ultrasound Services for Pets

Ultrasound Services For Pets By Amanda Morehead, RVT An ultrasound exam is used to take a look at the organs and structures within the abdominal and chest cavities. In order to perform an exam we use a transducer that emits sound waves into the body. These sound waves are reflected…
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Minimally-Invasive Scoping

Minimally-Invasive Scoping : What is it? By Jaimie Dietel, RVT Minimally-Invasive Scoping is an alternative to some of the abdominal surgeries we already provide here at Rocky Gorge, as well as a way to visualize the inner workings of your precious pet. It can be done with either a flexible…
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Pet Dental Health

Pet Dental Health By Dr. Karen Farnan,  Associate Veterinarian February is Dental Month at Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital! This means that you get 10% off the dental cleaning and all dental related items, which are dental radiographs, dental extractions, and the dental treatments Sanos and Clindoral. So not only will…
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